Who We Are

What is Tomahawk?

Tomahawk is a service and leadership honor society. As an honor society, Tomahawk selects outstanding independent students of freshman level or above who have shown leadership in campus activities. In bringing these leaders together, Tomahawk hopes to further develop their leadership abilities, as well as broaden the scope of each member through pledgeship and organizational activities.

Realizing the benefits derived from activities, Tomahawk members help to stimulate interest among all students for participation in student organizations.

Tomahawk can best be summed up by theĀ Five Functions of Tomahawk:
  1. To give recognition to independent students for outstanding work in student activities and organizations
  2. To stimulate interest in and to cooperate with student organizations and activities
  3. To provide opportunities in leadership for its members
  4. To be of service to the college community
  5. To act as an athletic boosting organization
  • Tomahawk Spring 2015 Activation