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PCF 15 Pledge Packet

Service Hour Submission


Grass — DON’T WALK ON IT, EVER! (nuff said)

Clapping During ‘Hail Purdue’ — DON’T DO IT, EVER!

Pledge Boards — Boards should be carried during class hours when on campus or while walking to and from campus meetings. Boards may be carried with your books, but MUST BE EASILY SEEN. Class hours are from 7am – 5:20pm.

Pots — Pots should be carried during class hours when on campus or while walking to and from campus meetings. Pots should be worn at Tomahawk functions. Class hours are from 7am – 5:20pm.


Signatures — A pledge is required to obtain signatures to be activated. The pledge parents and the president will decide the number of signatures needed for activation. Pledges can get signatures from actives, honoraries, and alumni. In order to obtain an active’s signature, the pledge must know the active’s major in addition to their name. This signature may be placed only on the back, bottom half of the pledge board. It’s a good idea to cover these with something protective, i.e. nail polish, as soon as you get them. For the first review, pledges must have the signatures of the entire pledge class, the active chapter executive officers, and their big sibs. Sometimes members of other organizations will try to sign your board. If you are unsure if someone is a Tomahawk, ask them to do the Tomahawk cheer.

HONORARY LIST: Please contact your Pledge Parents/Grandparents to obtain the Tomahawk Honoraries List.  You may also contact the current Member Relations Officer.

Mascots, Crest, & Goof Board — These are to be kept in possession of the pledges at all times and are to be brought to all reviews. It is imperative that they be kept out of the hands of the actives, unless they say they are ‘on their honor’.

Reviews — A series of 4 formal reviews will be scheduled where the active chapter can observe how well the pledge class has been fulfilling its pledge material requirements. This makes it essential for the pledges to KNOW their material very well. The pledges may hold their walkout on the night of a review. If the pledge’s walkout is not successful, the review will be held! Any pledge having to miss a review should contact a pledge parent as soon as the conflict is identified.

Big Sibs — Each pledge will be assigned a Big Brother/Big Sister. The purpose is to provide a one-on-one interaction between actives and pledges. Each pledge is encouraged to have at least one visit with their Big Sibs every week. Please let the pledge parents know if this is not occurring or if there are any related problems.

Activation — All pledges are required to attend the Activation ceremony, which is held at the end of the pledge period. The final duty of the pledge class is to perform a skit for the actives following the Activation ceremony. In order to be activated, each pledge must have all the required signatures, must pass the written exam over the pledge material, participated in at least 3 service projects, and attend at least 2 reviews.

Pledge Service Project — Prior to being activated, the pledge class must successfully complete two service projects. The exact nature of the project will be set out by the pledge class as a group with guidance from the parents. The project must be approved by the chapter president. THE PROJECTS MUST INVOLVE ALL PLEDGES AND MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO ACTIVATION!

Pledge T-Shirt — Each pledge class has different mascots and each pledge class designs different t-shirts. These t-shirts are very special in displaying pledge family unity. (Tradition has been to give the pledge parents and president a t-shirt to show appreciation at Activation.)

Retribution— When a pledge is caught walking on the grass or forgets their board at home and is cornered by an active, retribution is called on the entire pledge class. Retribution is scheduled after the next function and a few songs and cheers will be performed at a location selected by the actives. As a pledge class, we should each try to avoid retribution because it appears as though we’re not doing what we should. Note: We can call retribution on the actives when they are not doing what they should.

Pledge Dues — Dues for this semester are $30. Arrangements can be made for any pledge having difficulties with this amount. This is not a fundraiser for the active members of Tomahawk. The money goes toward the pledge materials: the boards, the pots, the activation pins, and dinner at the activation banquet. Note: At least half of the $30 must be paid by the first review.


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